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British Made Software
If you have just purchased Pixo and not sure how to register your copy, please use the form below to get
in touch with us. We normally respond swiftly whenever we can, bear in mind the time difference. (we are
based in London England).

Technical Issues
Please contact us via and describe EXACTLY how you have encountered your
problem and the steps for us to replicate it, in order to solve your problem.

Submitting Images
If you have created work that you would like to share with us so we can place it on this website, please
send it via . Alternatively if you wish to keep it on your site, please contact us (via
the form below) with a link and we would be happy to advertise it.

Known Issues
Pixo version 3.0.0 has a known issue some of 3rd party plugins, display the image in the preview window
of the plugin upside down. This has been fixed in version 3.8.0. Please note this does not hinder the
functionality of Pixo. The effect will still work with Pixo. We highly recommend you to update your version
to the latest version.

Please Note: Pixo does not support "Automation plugins" or plugins that require image selection (partially
or whole).
To purchase Pixo, simply use the option below. We use PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards  
and is very safe. After placing order you will receive registration code in e-mail. To unlock demo  
version of Pixo you need to enter the code and your copy of Pixo will be unlocked. Pixo is not available  
as a boxed product, it's only available as download.

Full Version.....................................................ONLY $12.99 (USD)!!!

Please ensure you have made the correct choice as we do not offer refunds after the purchase has been made.
OEM/Portable versions are illegal!
There are many online sites offering bargain software at prices well below most others. Pixo is not  
an OEM or FREE or portable software. It is illegal to buy/download an OEM/portable version of Pixo.  
The official Pixo website is the only place on the Internet to purchase genuine copies of Pixo.
Pixo is a unique Windows application that
enables you to apply special effects and much
more to an image with a simple brush stroke!
Click to watch the video
There are multiple programs to apply effects to images and photographs, but up until now the vast  
majority of these applications required that you have an advanced knowledge and practice with selection  
tools to be able to apply the effects properly. But all that has changed thanks to Pixo.

With Pixo the possibility to apply effects to photographs has become a very easy option,  because you will  
only have to open the image, select the effect that you want to apply  and use the brush to apply it to the  
areas of the image of your choice.

Among the effects available in Pixo you will find sepia, scales of gray, illuminate, blur  and substitute color.  
As well as the general effects, Pixo also includes a series of  effects that affect the full image, like the  
Warhol effect.

Another thing that is worth highlighting of Pixo is the possibility to be able to export  the images to a wide  
variety of formats and the options to be able to publish any image  directly in Flickr.

Therefore, if you want to apply a selection of photography effects to create your own  works of art,  
download and try Pixo.
No Paint Required!
Unlike many other applications, Pixo uses a Paintbrush metaphor to  
apply the effects. This is particularly useful since there is no need  
for any technical or specialist knowledge such as image selection or  
lasso tool. Furthermore, you have the freedom to apply the effects  
anywhere on the image.
Special Effects
With over 40 special effects, you are sure to find many for any of your  
photos. All of the favourite ones, like "Sepia" and "Greyscale", as well as  
some really cool ones are here! You can even change the brightness  
and contrast of your photos with Pixo and now in version 2+, you have  
even more control on how you wish to apply effects.
Colour Photos
Bring life to your Black & White, Sepia digital photos by adding colour  
to them. See below for an example.
Adobe® Photoshop®  Compatible Plugins*
Pixo supports Adobe® Photoshop® compatible plugins, making Pixo  
even more powerful!. Pixo comes with more than 30 FREE plugins by  
Xero Graphics pre-installed which offers a vast variety of effects. It has  
been tested with Alien Skin, Corel KPT and AV Bros and Virtual Painter  
5 are just to name a few...

* Not all Adobe® Photoshop® plugins are supported.
Add Credits/Text
Blend Tool
Red Eye Removal
Popart Effect
Multilingual Support
Support for Flickr®
Instant Frames
Copy to Clipboard
Export to popular format
Original Black & White Image Image Colourised
Pixo is feature packed, but here is the list of some of its notable features: